Today a website is the most crucial portal into your business. When a person lands on an outdated website that looks old and neglected, they, unfortunately, make assumptions that are not in your best interest.

We know that it takes a fraction of a second for a visitor to your website to form the first impression of your business which will stick in their minds. At that point, they may decide to stay and explore your website, or if they are not engaged, they will leave your site and move on to find somebody else. This process happens very quickly.

Some consequences of not keeping a website up to date are:

  1. People visit websites to gather insight into your business. They will utilize it to judge who you and your company are and the value and quality of your services or products that you provide.
  2. Visitors to an outdated or neglected website may see it as a sign that the technology, processes, and systems in the business are also not current. The result could be that they do not feel comfortable that your business will be able to provide the level of service they expect.
  3. Most often, these assumptions are false. The truth may be that you and your team are the most qualified, most experienced, and most trustworthy in your field, but your website does not reflect that truth.
  4. If you are planning to retire and sell your business in a few years, the time to prepare is now. Did you know that a higher value will be placed on your business if it reflects a professional, cutting-edge standard through your branding and website? 
  5. Your business may be top in your field, but if your site does not confirm it, there will be a huge disconnect. A modern, mobile-friendly, easy to use website will add more value to the price you can ask for your business.  
  6. Your prospects or patients may think you are not up to date with the advancements in your industry, and your competitors may be more qualified to solve their problems. If your website does not make a visitor feel that you are a credible and trustworthy source for their needs, they will go straight back to Google to check out your competitors.  
  7. How do your employees feel about referring people to your website? If they cringe when someone asks for your web address, there is a problem. It may not be because it embarrasses them, but they probably do not want the company to look as out of date as the website makes it look.  
  8. Many factors go into successful Google search results. One of the most important factors is that if a website is not mobile-friendly, it will be penalized and have lower rankings. Websites that remain current will have higher rankings. In contrast, sites that do not stay current usually notice their rankings (and traffic) fall over time.
  9. Finally, your outdated website is akin to placing a sign in your window that says, “Closed for Business”. That is not very good, but unfortunately, it is true. The first thing a person will wonder when they land on a website that has not been updated in years, is “Does this business still exist?”. Sadly, this can result in customers turning away and, in the end, it can cost you thousands of dollars in business.

So, in conclusion, it is very important to understand that keeping your website fresh and up to date should not be considered an expense, but rather an investment that can potentially reap countless benefits.

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