Your Guide to Preparing for a Photoshoot

Whether it’s a headshot for your website, Linkedin page, or creative portraits for your online dating profile, professional photos are the key to showing your personality and making a strong first impression.
If you’ve decided to invest in having your photo taken professionally, some advanced preparation will ensure that you get the most out of your shots. Here is our guide to properly prepare for your photo session so that you will walk away with photos that you love.


1. Set up your consultation.

Each shoot with Sombillion Studios comes with a consultation to ensure our team has a clear understanding of how your images will be used.
Before your consultation, we encourage clients to send us samples of looks that they like so that we can establish the mood and offer creative direction on how best to achieve it. We will discuss location and background options and whether we will use natural light or studio lighting to achieve your desired look. From there, we will create a mood board with examples to use as a guide during the shoot.


2. Pick your wardrobe

Once we’ve determined the look and feel of the photos, it’s time to pick outfits. Plan a few options for your shoot so that you can have a bit of variety in your photos. As a general guideline, we suggest solid colours, as patterns can be distracting. Plan a dark outfit (black, navy, or charcoal), one that is light (white or pastel colours), and something fun (perhaps a statement piece for an extra bit of flare). We suggest layering solid colour pieces, like a fitted suit jacket over a black shirt, as layers will compliment your figure. For larger productions with an extended team collaborating on a shoot, this will allow us to break down the creative direction so that clients, art directors and models are clear as to what should be worn to the shoot.
No matter what you choose to wear, be sure that, you feel comfortable in it. Being comfortable is the key to looking confident and relaxed in your photos.


3. Establish hair and make-up

Like planning your outfit, spend some time deciding how you would like to style your hair and make-up. Try a few looks before your shoot to see what styles complement your features the best. If you’re looking to take your photos up a notch, we suggest having your hair and make-up done professionally. Professional make-up artists and stylists know how to highlight your features without making you look overdone, ensuring you look flawless in your photos. We suggest Leana Huberts, a Vancouver based make-up artist, we regularly collaborate.


4. Take care of yourself

In the weeks leading up to your shoot, take care of your skin, whiten your teeth, and touch-up your roots if you think you need to. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and get a good night’s rest, especially on the night before your photoshoot.
If you’re planning to get a facial, be sure to do so at least one week before your shoot. Some facials can cause redness that takes a few days to fade, so a week should allow for your skin to heal.


5. Be ready to go on the day of your shoot

The night before, lay out your outfits and ensure they are wrinkle-free. Don’t drink any alcohol and head to bed early for a full night’s rest.
On the day of your shoot, please arrive 5-15 mins early to settle in so we can get to know you and give you a bit of coaching should you feel awkward in front of the camera.


6. Say YES to the shoot.

Almost everyone feels awkward in front of the camera at first. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or have never done a shoot before, our biggest advice is to say YES to the shoot.  What does that mean? Enjoy the shoot, let go of being self-conscious, look directly at the camera, resonate with positive feelings inside. Your eyes are a gateway to how the outside world sees you. If you feel self-conscious or awkward, it will translate into your photo.

Please take a deep breath, do a little dance and let’s have some fun shooting.

Are you looking for a little bit of inspiration for your shoot? Check out our headshot and portrait work.

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