Consumers are influenced by how a brand makes them feel.

Feeling connected to your brand at an event means staying a part of the consumers’ life longer. In a digital world of information overload, creating fun, real-life experiences means driving brand recall and memorable “heartable” moments online.

More than just a photo booth, Anti-Gravity Event Activations take experiential marketing to another level. Designed specifically to attract a crowd and motivate registration or conversations, posing in the Anti-Gravity environment really catches consumer’s attention. The very idea of appearing to defy gravity excites people.

The outcome means not only an enjoyable and sharable moment, every aspect of the experience is designed with practical benefits to our customer and their target audiences in mind. Sponsors are branded into the physical booth with logos and hashtags, thus incorporated into the digital content that is voluntarily shared by consumers/participants through their own online profiles.

Efficiencies with Sombilon’s professional staff includes the capacity to process 1,000+ guests on site at any live event within hours.